3 Search Marketing Tactics to Drive Last-Minute Ecommerce Sales

When you need to quickly move stock, feature timely promotions, and generate last-minute sales in ecommerce, try these proven search marketing tactics.

Webinar: Driving B2B eCommerce Sales with Email Marketing

As B2B eCommerce becomes table stakes across manufacturing and distribution, B2B suppliers are seizing new email marketing opportunities that were previously reserved for B2C. Today, leading manufacturers and distributors are using email to launch new product lines and promotions, suggest products based on past order history, and create segment-specific campaigns that drive real results.

In light of the recent launch of Handshake’s integration with MailChimp, we will be sharing key email marketing best practices. You’ll also get a closer look at the integration, and we’ll outline how to leverage your buyers’ order history and browsing behavior to create effective, tailored email campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about marketing to your B2B customers, or you’re a current MailChimp customer looking to drive more online orders, this comprehensive webinar has something for everyone.

Digital Marketing & E-commerce Strategy | Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate

This video is part of the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate. If you’re curious about the latest trends in technology and business, a career in digital marketing & e-commerce is within reach. Learn more about the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate at

The program, created by Google employees in the field, is designed to provide you with job-ready skills in under 6 months to start or advance your career in digital marketing and e-commerce.

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00:00 Welcome
1:44 The value of brands for digital marketing
5:41 The elements of a digital marketing strategy
10:13 Define your marketing goals
15:00 Paid, owned, and earned media
19:28 Attract customers with search engine optimization
23:53 Reach customers with search engine marketing
28:25 Introduction to social media and email marketing

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The Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Strategy Guide (Seriously)

There are a bunch of different ways and methods to market your e-commerce website so in this video, I’ll give you 4-5 simple steps on how to market your ecommerce website to make money. In this video ill show you some ecommerce marketing strategies that you can use to boost the sales for your ecommerce website.

Tutorial on how to make an ecommerce website

Blog post on how to market your ecommerce website

Free Elementor Template Kit

Email Marketing Guide &t=240s

Google Merchant Tutorial

Affiliate Companies To Register With

Demo Website I Showed in Video

Free Elementor eCommerce Kit (Password is Lower Case)

Creating an ecommerce website can be fun and easy, but the marketing part can be hard and tedious so again I hope this video helps you understand the basics of marketing your ecommerce website step by step

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Is Your Website Ready?
03:40 Rules To Follow
05:11 Free Organic Marketing
10:30 Paid Marketing Strategies
12:27 Platforms To Avoid
15:40 Design is EVERYTHING
18:40 Outro

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How to drive Traffic to your E commerce store | Dropshipping marketing strategy

How to drive traffic to your e commerce store | Dropshipping marketing strategy 2020

In this video we are going to look at the following topics:
1.Dropshipping marketing strategy 2020
2. Dropship Advertising
3. Shopify store marketing on Facebook
4. Shopify dropshipping influencer marketing
5. Influencer marketing for shopify
6.How to drive traffic to your e commerce store

#DropshippingMarketing #ShopifyStoreMarketing #Influencermakerting

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