Visualizing Google Core Update Winners & Losers With Python

Learn how to use Python to compare the SERPs before and after a core update to see winners and losers by domain, result type & more.

Hit By A Google Update? Here’s What To Do To Fix It!

Are you feeling the effects of a recent Google update? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many websites have been hit by algorithm changes, causing a drop in rankings and traffic.

In this video, I’ll go over why I think my own sites have been hot by these updates and what I am changing going forward to recover from these Google updates and get back on track.

Don’t let a Google update bring down your website, watch now and get back on top!

How To Maintain Rankings After a Google Algorithm Update

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THIS is Biggest MISTAKE You’ll Make on Google in 2023

Do you wonder what you can do to position your website for up to 300% gains on core updates? In this video, you’ll get to know what are the biggest mistakes that SEOs do and how you can avoid those.

00:00 Introduction
01:31 What Google Core Updates Are
03:16 Topical Authority
06:01 Complete Website Audit
11:08 E-A-T

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I fixed the Google May Core Update

I was hit by the Google May 2022 Core update – and this is how i fixed it. These fixes works for many google core updates.

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