Waze Local Paid Marketing Primer: Here's What You Need to Know

Have any interest in location-based advertising? Here's why you should explore and maximize the paid advertising opportunity Waze Local has to offer.

Get to Know Waze

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Now in Waze, Wazers will be able to add useful information about businesses, residential places and more which will greatly improve the accuracy and quality of Waze’s maps. Here’s how you can contribute to places

Waze Ads – Is Advertising on this Platform a Good Idea in 2018?

Should I advertise on Waze Ads? Step into the mind of your potential customer, then decide if your customer base would find you on Waze or not.
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Should you be using Waze Advertising?
The question is not obvious- If your customers are using Waze, or your prospects are using Wazes, then I would say yes, you should be using Waze advertising. However if they are not, then I really would not recommend it. They way you can figure that out is by asking your customers if they use Waze or not. Waze ads are similar to billboards; on Waze when you see an advertisement, it shows up when you are driving as a digital billboard on the application. For example, Dunkin Donuts is very popular advertiser on the Waze. That works really well, your on the highway- you want to grab some coffee or use the restroom. If your business aligns with that sort of demographic and need, then yes, you should absolutely consider Waze Ads.

How to measure your success on Waze?

Lily Yeung, Product Marketing Manager for Waze Ads, talks about an important topic running behind-the-scenes in our app: the first-party metrics and measurement solutions on Waze Ads to help prove our value to you.

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Waze Advertising

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Join Steve Rockwood and Chris Swanson as they discuss Waze advertising! Learn all about the Waze platform, who should be using it, and how to use it to grow your business!

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